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Automation through robot technology has shown to be significantly increasing for some time now. This is because of the continuous pressure that is being exerted to reduce costs and because the use of robotics has become so much more accessible. Programming a robot is, after all, so much simpler now, it can also be tested off-site and can be adjusted remotely and, therefore, the price tag of such projects has been significantly lowered.

To this we should add that robots offer a high level of reliable operation and, therefore, ITRA also offers second-hand products as an additionally competitive benefit.

The ROI will, therefore, often be very short with regard to such projects.

ITRA also offers automated projects that includes robotics and works with all robot integrators to arrive at a suitable turnkey solution.

Typical robotising applications in which ITRA is involved: loading pallets, nesting pallets and filling boxes where these products are, next, supplied within the robot cage with ITRA conveyor systems. 

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