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Compacta EGS

The extreme popular Compacta series are film wrapping machines for fully automated packaging.

BVM Compacta EGS

These machines are characterized by their renown relialibility that made BVM as the market leader in Belgium. 


The above picture displays a BVM machine from an ITRA client with almost 40 million packagings in sight. 

The Compacta series of overwrapping machines – designed for fully automatic packaging.The product flow is inline, also the wrapping cycle is sensor-controlled to facilitate manual or automatic loading.

Items are wrapped in centre-folded film that is sealed on the three remaining edges. Feeding systems ensure superior performances; production speeds of more than 100 packs/minute are achievable – depending on machine configuration and product.
The heated, constant-temperature sealing system can seal all industry standard films, from Polyethylene to Polyolefin to PVC. The BVM side knife produces neat, high-integrity seals, especially when Polyolefin film is used.

Product changeovers do not require the turning of hand wheels or adjustments of product guides, therefore changeover times are short and operational reliability is increased.

Each Compacta 5022, 7522, 10022 has an upper format limit of 450, 700, 950 mm respectively.

A format limit is the sum of product width plus product height.

This way the Compacta series provide professional packaging solutions for a wide variety of applications.

BVM video's:

BVM Compacta

Compacta 7522

Packaging of calenders and brochures

See also the  BVM website for more video examples.

Technical characteristics:


Compacta 5022

Compacta 7522

Compacta 10022

Approximate format:

450 mm

700 mm

950 mm

Sealing width:

500 mm

750 mm

1000 mm

Passage height:

220 mm

220 mm

220 mm

Optional additional height


bis 360 mm

bis 360 mm

Additionally possible:

650/650 mm

850/850 mm

1150/1150 mm


up to 120T/min*

up to60T/min*

up to  45T/min*