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ITRA specializes in internal conveyor systems and packaging machines.

ITRA is the abbreviation of Internal TRAnsport and was established in 1994.
ITRA is a modern company that specialises vertically in:

  1. The construction and advice of standard or “engineer to build” internal conveyor systems
  2. The distribution of shrink film, cardboard & doypack packaging machines
  3. The automation of the above possible supplemented by line integrations (robotics, end-of-line packaging, labelling, detections, checkweighers, etc.)
  4. Supply to and collaboration with system integrators/OEMs
About us

  • Extensive range of products
  • Sustainability
  • Quality guarantee
  • Dynamic

The ITRA service

ITRA regards Service as a noble obligation towards its customers and, therefore, has an excellent reputation within the market.

We guarantee the best engineers with many years of experience that are forward thinking and who work with our customers.

The following departments deliver this excellent service:

  1. A mobile and fast deployable Technical Service Team with free of charge technical telephone assistance
  2. Daily free technical support
  3. “on site” interventions for urgent service support
  4. Stock of spare parts and consumables
  5. Customer-specific maintenance contracts
  6. On-site training and assistance when starting up
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Evenbroekveld 40

9420 Erpe Mere

GOOD NEWS – ITRA is moving to a new building!