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Spiral Towers

ITRA produces spiral towers that are also referred to as spiral conveyor belt, lifting towers or spiral slat conveyor belt.
The product name is SPIRITRA ® and it is a robust slat conveyor belt that allows height differences to be bridged while retaining the continuity of the flow of products or to act as a buffer system.
The dimensions are all just as compact as a lift with the significant advantage that the logistics flow is not interrupted.

Depending on the applications, spirals can be supplied that have 10 windings with a maximum height to be bridged of approximately 7 m. Various configurations in relation with the output are possible, that is, the output is located in the extension of the input or, rather, it is turned by 90°, 180°, 270° or 360°, but an angle that suits your situation is also possible.

Thanks to a considered drive and guide system, spirals can be built that meet the highest requirements.

Moreover, the slats overlap and, therefore, holes cannot occur and the SPIRITRA meets all safety requirements.

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