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Carton packaging machines

For the packaging of canned foods, glass bottles or folding boxes, we offer a sophisticated, versatile packaging solution. By means of pre-perforated and pre-creased corrugated cardboard blanks,
both TM 4 and WM 4 machine variants create the optimum product protection under or around your packaging units.

Tray packers and wrap-around packers

The BVM tray and wrap-around packers ensure an optimum packaging process.
The wide range of adaptable feeding and grouping devices allows the safe and gentle processing of folding boxes, cans, jars, bottles, etc.
The tray and wrap-around packer processes pre-cut corrugated cardboard blanks precisely and reliably, filling, gluing and sealing them with ease.
Thanks to the large size range, you can expect maximum flexibility. The simple size changeover (that can be automated if required) ensures reproducible settings in a matter of minutes.
The BVM blank magazine allows the refilling of blanks during operation; an extended blank storage system rounds off the overall concept.
Sustainable packaging in corrugated blanks made from recycled material is the trend.
BVM’s modular design allows trays to be erected and filled with a wide variety of products and size ranges.

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