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Pallet conveyor

Pallet roller tracks can convey various sizes and types of pallets (wood, plastic and standard formats).
A driven roller conveyor is the conveyor system that is used most frequently where standard galvanised steel rollers are used and the drive is provided by rollers that have been looped together through chains.
Gearless roller conveyors are also sometimes used.

Feed tracks for pallets have a broad range of applications with many technical variants.

  • Gearless roller conveyors
  • Driven roller conveyors
  • Perpendicular chain transfer belts
  • Turning stations
  • Pallet set-up station
  • Pallet removal station

Pallet conveyance based on gearless roller conveyors

Gearless roller conveyors are deployed when the pallet has been loaded stably: the products have already been wrapped or are positioned stably on the pallet.

The propulsion is manual or gearless under an angle.

Braking rollers are installed in relation to gearless pallet conveyance over a large length to limit the increase in speed of the pallet. Pneumatic stops are also provided at the removal station.

ITRA can offer modular solutions at very competitive prices.

Pallet conveyance based on a drive

The drive can be provided by rollers or by using chains.

This solution is often used at sites.

Driven pallet conveyance is often used where a forklift truck has access to the cage for the supply or discharge where there is a robot or in relation to fully automatic packaging stations.


ITRA can also provide the automation for pallet conveyance systems. Often, quite some sensors and hydraulic components are needed within this context that are integrated in the controller cabinet together with the frequency-driven drives.


The pallet feed tracks are often equipped with accessories such as side guides, removal points, end stops, hydraulic stoppers, folding sections, sensors, braking rollers, conductive discs, etc.

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