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Chain conveyors

MOBITRA®, originally MOBITRANS MT 100, was taken over in 2007 by ITRA from WOLF.
This conveyor system type consists of a flexible self-carrying and guiding chain and can deal with very tight bends.
Typically, it is used for the conveyance of individual products and packs where high requirements are set from automation and precision sometimes linked to extensively driven automation by using robotics.
Chain conveyor belts can be set up very quickly and easily and can, afterwards, be converted very flexibly within the existing set-up.
The conveyor chain provided with rotating shafts and the system components linked to this ensure a free choice with regard to line guidance.
The high degree of standardisation of MOBITRA meets the requirements of virtually all application areas.


  • A reliable, uninterrupted and efficient production process is assured
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • A short delivery time thanks to the use of standard parts
  • Ergonomic and modular system;Long service life

A great diversity in products can be conveyed:

  • Cardboard boxes (of different sizes): for example, tea boxes, etc.
  • Fruit and vegetable boxes
  • Cosmetics products
  • Bottles and milk cartons
  • Tobacco
  • Pharmaceutical industry: ampoules, etc.

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