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Accumulating roller conveyors

An accumulating roller conveyor is a type of driven roller conveyor regarding which the rotating rollers, however, can be stopped and restarted with a certain degree of ease.

This ensures that one or more products can be stopped without too much resistance by, for example, a stopper and the drive will simply continue to rotate.  When the stopper is retracted, the products will start to move again.


Accumulating roller conveyors are used for buffering light and medium applications.
Accumulating roller conveyors are ideal:

  • To buffer products
  • To ensure that a specific moment can be used for an operation (for example, for printing, checking or adding a label)

The rollers have been specifically selected and do offer just sufficient resistance to start up the products.  Such rollers are also referred to as friction rollers.


The rollers consist of a shaft on which diabolo wheels have been slid with a fitting.
If the product is stopped on the roller, the diabolo wheel will slide on the shaft.
The advantage of this type of drive is the basically silent operation including at high speeds.
The roller may statically charge when using non-electrically conducted bearing cartridges and, therefore, sparks may be transferred between the roller and frame.

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