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Our technical team of engineers has experience in the automation of conveyor systems.

An example is driving an extensive and automated park of internal conveyor systems including the packaging machines with shrink tunnels.

ITRA can deliver highly automated packaging systems such as, for example, packaging lines at publishing houses through the exclusive partnership with BVM.


ITRA also accepts highly automated projects and will or will not take charge of the central monitoring of this in partnerships with external partners.

Such projects may entail complex automation projects of different line integrations that require the integration of robotics, vision technologies, labelling systems, line distributors, exchanges, lifts, stacking stations, weighing systems, sensor detection options, transfer conveyors at right angles, pushers, feeders, etc.

Even the End of Line Packaging through automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines such as Case Erector / Box Erector Machines and Case Sealers / Box Sealers in integrated packaging lines can be delivered turnkey.


ITRA will also guarantee the cabling of the delivered systems and the delivery of electrical boards. The cabling of our panels are completely numbered and can be elaborated in Eplan, Caddy++ or AutoCAD .

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