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Modular conveyor belts

A link conveyor belt or simply a link conveyor is a conveyor belt consisting of a flexible plastic link belt.

They are more expensive than roller conveyors when compared to the end product but have a few very specific advantages such as:

  • Small objects are possible
  • Grip belts possible
  • Bends can be included
  • Food approved

A limited number of bends and vibrations may be deemed disadvantageous.

End product

Link conveyor belts can both go up and down and they can also be provided with bends or as a spiral model.

The flexible belt itself is purchased externally at, for example, Intralox of Habasit and there is a huge range of belts available (sizes, material, etc.) that we determine in relation to the application and in consultation with the customer.

This link conveyor belt is processed on a chassis that perfectly meets food standards used within the food sector.

Many belt types are resistant against high and very low temperatures
These link conveyor belts can also be supplied with continuous transitions and, therefore, the belt will have a very small diameter.

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