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BM 8030 LUPO

This machine type is a banderoling machine with a side sealing station. Two rolls of air cushion film are used as flat film and unwound. Your products are packaged in a protective banderole via a gripper take-off mechanism. The side edges are sealed off in the downstream side sealing station. The result is a bag size that is closed on all sides and adapted to the packaged goods.

Air cushion film provides excellent product protection and plays a major role in the packaging world.

On the BM 8030 LUPO packaging machine, products of the most varied dimensions can be alternately packaged.

This type of packaging is used primarily in e-commerce and online trade, but also for printed circuit boards, electronic components, books and other products that are sensitive to scratches and impact in order to provide optimum product protection.

On the BM 8030 LUPO, one upper and one lower web of air cushion film is used to produce a banderole according to the length and height of the packaged goods. In the downstream side sealing station, the protruding sides of the air cushion film banderole are sealed and the packaging is sealed to a precise width fit.

BM 8030 LUPO – the fully automatic film packaging machine with air cushion film for e-commerce

  • Maintenance-free sealing stamp
  • Different alternating products
  • Special accessories possible
  • With shipping label on request
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