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Compacta 5022 LT/Trend/EMS

The Compacta 5022 LT/Trend/EMS film packaging machine series is suitable for fully automatic packaging.
Working in-line, these light barrier-controlled packaging machines can be loaded both manually and fully automatically. The film packaging machine produces a three-sided, sealed package in combination with a half-tubular film.

The sophisticated packaging system and the associated feed systems enable a peak performance of up to 100 cycles per minute, depending on the model and equipment of the packaging machine. Permanently heated sealing systems mean all commercially available films, from polyethylene to polyolefin and PVC films, can be processed on this film packaging machine. In combination with polyolefin film and the BVM cut-off knife, the film packaging machine produces the finest sealing seams.

Easy changeover of the Compacta 5022 LT/Trend film packaging machine series via handwheels/EMS motorised, with size list can be stored on the touch panel, including size data memory . This guarantees short changeover times for the film packaging machine and high production reliability.

Thanks to the powerful slat chain, you can work with a very small number of drives.
In a single chain conveyor belt, for example, up to 3 90° bends can be processed and, depending on the length and configuration, a chain conveyor belt can have a length of up to 50 m.

Compacta series – the in-line machines for fully automatic packaging.

  • Permanently heated sealing system
  • Depending on the equipment and model, more than 100 cycles/minute are possible
  • Short changeover times
  • Simple conversion
  • High production reliability
  • Depending on the model, size ranges from 450–950 mm are possible


  • These slat conveyor belts can be supplied in coated steel and stainless steel.
  • The slats can be supplied in widths of 300, 400 and 600 mm.
  • Our engineering office can also integrate the modules in the plant layout drawings of the customer.
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