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BMS 600 – 800 L/W

BVM combination banderolers are designed for the output range up to approx. 15 cycles/min. Banderoling machine and shrink tunnel are mounted as a unit on a single machine frame. In combination with flat film, a banderole packaging is produced that shrinks tight in the downstream shrink tunnel.

These combination machines are also optionally available as tight banderoling machines. This film packaging machine is used to tighten the film by means of a rubberised pull-back roller where the degree of tightening is infinitely adjustable. A permanently heated, maintenance-free sealing system can be used to reliably process a 20–100 Mµ thick polyethylene film.

The product is fed via a transport system in line or at an angle. The package formation is either produced in the machine or already pre-grouped on site. The banderoling machine or the tight packer works with an upper and a lower film which are sealed together to form a ‘film curtain’.

The film is sealed around the product during transport or insertion to form a banderole. In the downstream shrink tunnel, the products are shrink-wrapped into a secure, transport-safe package. The shrink-wrap result can be adjusted by an electronic temperature control and adjustable air flaps within the shrink-wrap zone.

BMS 600 – 800 L/W – the fixed unit of banderoling machine and shrink tunnel on a single machine frame

  • Degree of tightening infinitely adjustable
  • Up to 25 cycles per minute
  • Sealing and film width from 600 to 800 millimetres
  • Passage height from 300 to 400 millimetres
  • Semi-automatic as well as automatic feeding
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