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Compacta 7515 Speedy

The Compacta Speedy film packaging machine is suitable for the fully automatic packaging of cups or rolls, for example. High outputs are achieved via the product feed arranged at right angles and the servo insert. This machine is particularly suitable for use behind thermoforming machines. You can package a wide variety of diameters and bar lengths up to 600 mm on the machine.

The sophisticated packaging system and the associated feed systems enable a peak performance of up to 60 cycles per minute, depending on the model and equipment of the packaging machine. Permanently heated sealing systems mean all commercially available films, from polyethylene to polyolefin and PVC films, can be processed on this film packaging machine. In combination with polyolefin film and the BVM cut-off knife, the film packaging machine produces the finest sealing seams.

Simple changeovers of the Compacta packaging machine without handwheels or handling of the operating elements guarantee short changeover times of the film packaging machine as well as high production reliability. The size range of 700 mm guarantees the coverage of a wide spectrum for the professional solution of packaging tasks. BVM packaging machines for the highest demands.

Compacta 7515 Speedy – the high-speed packaging solution for round products works at right angles.

  • High-speed packaging solution
  • Up to 60 cycles/minute

HMI with multi touch function

The Compacta 7515 Speedy side sealer is easy and intuitive to operate via the HMI. All parameters can be accessed and set via the existing menu structures on the touch screen.

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