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SP 400 – 1600 L/W/LE/LG

BVM tight packers each work with an upper and a lower film and, in conjunction with film stretching, produce a tight banderole around the products.

This film packaging machine is used to tighten the film by means of a rubberised pull-back roller where the degree of tightening is infinitely adjustable. This allows both stacks and packages of bottles or cans, for example, to be tightly packaged. The use of a separate shrink tunnel makes it possible, depending on the product, to shrink on any excess film.

The product is fed into this packaging system via an in-line transport system or at an angle. The package formation is either produced in the packaging machine or already pre-grouped on site. The tight packer works with an upper and a lower film so that the film packaging is sealed together to form a ‘film curtain’.

The film is sealed into a banderole during transport or insertion. In the downstream shrink tunnel, the products are shrink-wrapped into a secure, transport-safe package.

The shrink-wrap result can be adjusted by an electronic temperature control and adjustable air flaps within the shrink-wrap zone.

SP 400 – 1600 L/W/LE/LG – for the tight film banderole, also without shrinking

  • Tight film banderole without shrinking
  • Film saving
  • Servo-controlled drive for insertion and sealing
  • Controllable speeds
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