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Papertec 800

BVM implements all these cutting-edge requirements in a targeted manner: The new BVM Papertec 800 packages shipping items with changing dimensions. From a pair of socks to a jacket, all products are packaged fully automatically in an all-round sealed paper package with a shipping label.

With pure kraft paper, no PE coating and no paper waste, the items are packaged to fit exactly and are ready for dispatch. The pure grade paper packaging material is fully recyclable and compostable. Thanks to a resealing option, the packaging can be reused by the customer for shipping returns. Paper is significantly cheaper than cardboard packaging, for example, and can be stocked as rolls in a space-saving manner and in just one width. The fully automated packaging process in the BVM Papertec 800 also enables significant savings in personnel costs. Sophisticated processes within this future-oriented system ensure a process-safe and reliable production operation.

Numerous companies in the online trade have set themselves the goal of climate-neutral production in the near future. The new BVM Papertec 800 can be used to implement innovative and environmentally friendly concepts more easily (such as the drastic reduction of material usage through the use of paper packaging) and your intended goals can be achieved more quickly.

Numerous patents have been applied for and industrial property rights granted for the new machine concept and also for the innovative packaging.

Papertec 800 – the machine for fully automatic shipping packaging in pure grade paper

Full wrapping machine Papertec 800

  • Paper width up to 800 mm
  • Product height up to 100 mm
  • Up to 12 cycles/min.

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